Stearns Fast Start

Stearns Fast Start gets you approved for financing before you start shopping.

Our Fast Start loan approval is more than a loan pre-qualification – it’s a fully approved home loan. It help you get your loan paperwork finished and out of the way early in the process, so you can focus on the enjoyment of shopping for a home.

Your Fast Start approval also gives you real bargaining power, as it proves to sellers that you’re not just window shopping. Fast Start is designed to be quick, convenient and easy. Contact your Stearns loan officer information.

Here’s how the Fast Start program works:

  • Discuss your home financing requirements with a Stearns loan officer.
  • Your Loan officer will help you identify the required documentation that will be necessary to evaluate and approve your loan. Generally, these will provide proof of employment, assets and credit history.
  • Once your Loan officer receives your documents, our Underwriter will review your information to approve your loan. Your loan approval will be based on an estimated sales price that you provide, and will be subject to an appraisal once you find your new home.
  • Now you’re free to take your time shopping with confidence, looking at homes within your price range. When you find the perfect house you can make an offer to the seller yourself, or turn the negotiations over to your Realtor.
  • Since Fast Start has already taken care of the majority of your loan’s paperwork, you can start making plans for your new home’s décor as soon as you find it. You won’t have to spend time compiling your financial, employment and tax documents to obtain your loan – the hard part’s already done.
  • When you find the right home, contact your Loan officer. He or she will order an appraisal, ensure clear title, and get you to the closing table as quickly as possible.