Our commitment to responsible lending

At Stearns Home Loans, we strive to ensure that our customers experience a fair, transparent process throughout their home loan experience. This is what being a responsible lender is all about – and it’s the way Stearns has always conducted business.

Buying a home and safeguarding your ownership of that home is of vital importance to you and your family. After all, taking out a mortgage is the largest financial transaction most people will ever undertake.

Our commitment to responsible lending revolves around our passion to help our customers succeed, and enjoy the rewards of homeownership now and for years to come.

When you choose Stearns Home Loans, you can rest assured that:

  • Stearns is fully compliant with laws that address loan originators’ qualifications. For example, our loan originators are licensed and registered with the National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry, and they receive on-going training and education on all of the latest state and federal regulations that impact the mortgage industry.
  • We make loans that meet the federal Ability-to-Repay standards. This means that our home loan processing and underwriting teams make decisions based on formulas that assess our customers’ ability to repay loans used to purchase their personal residences or the refinancing of those loans.
  • The technology systems at Stearns Home Loans not only help to safeguard privacy, but also enable us to show customers their home loan options in a clear, easy-to-understand format.
  • Behind the scenes, our operations continually undergo stringent testing and review to help ensure that all of our business processes are fully compliant with laws and regulations related to consumer and home financing.
  • Responsible lending encompasses a large array of topics, and involves virtually all aspects of obtaining a home loan and making payments over the life of your mortgage loan.

    Visit the Stearns Home Loans Learning Center often to learn more about our commitment to responsible lending.